Jeny Dawson

Jeny Dawson is a Certified Integrative Nutritional Health Coach and Hatha Yoga Instructor with specialized training in yoga for children of diverse abilities. She draws from a vast array of educational modalities and life experiences to help others heal and transform their lives.  Through her studies she has learned strategies to support children with self-regulation, body awareness, social skills, language and communication, identification and expression of difficult emotions, fine & gross motor skills, imitation skills, reducing anxiety, breathing exercises, mindfulness, and healthy eating habits. She started her yoga practice in 2002 and studied the science of Hatha Yoga in Bali, Indonesia as a dedicated student. Jeny’s sincerity to her practice and teaching, both contemporary and traditional, creates a supportive, intelligent and educational environment for students.  As a Holistic Health Coach she helps individuals find balance in all aspects of their life, including but not limited to, a balanced diet, physical activity, relationships, career and/or school, and spirituality. She is passionate about health, wellness, and yoga and aims to raise awareness and be of service to those in need. She has an extensive organizational and digital media background in corporate business and will continue to utilize those skills in her current endeavors.

  • Friday 11:15 AM-12:15 PM – Hatha 1 – Sorrento

Ideal for beginners of all ages, includes basic yoga poses and breathing. Gentle pace, emphasis on detailed alignment instruction.

  • Sunday 10:00 AM-11:15 AM – Hatha 1-2 – Sorrento

A class for continuing students and beginners who want to challenge themselves. Includes detailed alignment and focus on breath.

“I was struck by how accepting and even inviting yoga instructors are, from the first class I felt I was part of the group. “

- Jim

“Yoga has provided a foundation for me to approach life in a positive, balanced, healthy way. It’s my rock!“

- Joyce