Anatomy, Asana
and Pranayama
with Roger Cole

Saturday and Sunday
September 20-21


September 20, 2014
Saturday afternoon 1 – 4 pm
Core Strength: Anatomy and Practice

Build your core strength in a scientifically balanced way that simultaneously enhances flexibility, alignment, control, and peace of mind. The class will combine clear anatomical explanations with thorough yoga practice.

September 20, 2014
Saturday evening 6 – 9 pm
Knees: Anatomy and Practice

Learn a powerful sequence of yoga postures to safely align, mobilize, and strengthen the knees. The class will combine clear anatomical explanations with thorough yoga practice.

September 21, 2014
Sunday afternoon 1 – 4 pm
Introduction to Pranayama

Step through the physical and mental processes of establishing a solid, rewarding, lifelong practice of the ancient art of pranayama. Essential for beginners, it also provides an extremely valuable return to “beginner’s mind” for experienced practitioners.

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with Geri Portnoy

Saturday, September 27
2-4 PM


We live in challenging times, personally, culturally and globally. It’s not unusual for people to feel overwhelmed, stressed out, worried or anxious. Meditation is a proven strategy for calming the nervous system and connecting to a deep inner reservoir of peace and well-being. Over ten million American adults now say they practice some form of meditation regularly including Oprah, Sting, and Ellen. Research studies show that meditation lowers stress levels, improves focus and concentration, and increases levels of happiness and well-being.

This course is for you if:

• You have a busy, full life and are looking for some relief from the stresses of life

• You feel anxious, worried, or overwhelmed and long to rediscover the place of deep abiding peace inside yourself.

• You have dabbled in meditation in the past and are hungry to get back to a daily practice that enriches your life.

• You are brand new to meditation and scared that it won’t work because your mind is always thinking.

In this course you’ll learn:
• A simple meditation technique that rewires your brain to reduce stress

• An easy plan for creating your own daily meditation practice in a busy life

• The neuroscience of meditation and how it changes your brain.

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Today's Schedule at Yoga Del Mar:

Hatha 2-3
with Andrew Rivin
Mondays 10:45-12:30 PM
Thursdays 9:15-10:30 AM

Andrew Rivin blends a traditional athletic and business background with a great love of yoga, philosophy and psychology. His 24 years of practice, his MBA from Yale, and his experiences initiating micro-enterprises in Africa, Asia and Latin America have given him a unique and well-rounded life perspective. You are sure to be uplifted and inspired by this joyful, spirited and playful yoga teacher.

Online Class Schedule

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